The PM Says to England Workers- Work from Home by April 2021


Worried about the new wave of coronavirus? You don’t want to risk your life? But of course, needs to work? Well, according to the news, the PM quoted to the workforce in England to work from home.


The government has told all workers in England that they should work from home if possible until April 2021 as part of the move to a more stringent system that will likely be another blow to companies that rely on commuters in city centers. The issue was raised from the last few months as the contract time of work from home was ending but the corona is still on the peak. 

Newly, appointed PM Boris Johnson highlighted on Monday that under every level of new restrictions, workers in England who can work from home must continue to do so. The rules will continue under the new three-tiered system until at least the end of March if approved by Parliament.

Furthermore, the plan of the government’s 64-page Covid-19 Winter Plan suggested that working from home was one of the three main areas highlighted by the Emergencies Scientific Advisory Group (Sage). Other policies suggested by Sage apparently included the closure of non-catering bars in Level 2 areas and the shutdown of all guesthouses in Level 3 areas.

While, the directive stated: “The previous graduated system had an impact on virus transmission, but Sage advised that stronger measures should be taken in some areas to prevent the spread of the epidemic. Therefore, levels must be strengthened to keep the virus under control.” In addition, Boris Johnson places progressively “tighter” restrictions on England during the House of Commons debate – video

Besides, most of the major cities in England, such as Birmingham, Leeds, London, Manchester, and Scottish cities such as Glasgow have protected their smaller counterparts in recovering from lockdown due to their dependence on workers, according to the Cities Intellectual Center. Small cities depend more on the uptake of entertainment, which is a disadvantage in normal times that has been turned upside down by the epidemic. That’s quite a relief for the workers! What are your thoughts on it comment below!

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