The real story behind Kroger’s PR Stunts


Are you working at Kroger from a very long time? Or just joined Kroger recently? If yes then you must be aware of the Kroger stunts to attract more customers etc. But do you know what happens behind the doors? Well, that’s another story! As Kroger’s current employee showed his concern on extra labor work and extra load being imposed on workers.


The employee stated on public Kroger forum that “Kroger grocery retail stores are understaffed or shop hours are being cut. But they decided to give $1 million to five vaccinated customers and free groceries for a year to 50 customers. $5 million plus one year of free groceries costs could create more full-time and part-time jobs in stores and/or put hours back in stores. Clients are Krogers only a real priority. Guess what 50 customers who get free groceries spending hundreds a week for a year will have to redeem them somewhere. Like more store cut-off hours Kroger executives and store management won’t see pay cuts. Stores and departments inside them need more hours and at least more full-time workers”

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Now in this regard, yes Kroger needs to upgrade their daily wages and Kroger need to understand that certain quantity of workers can not fulfil the extra amount of work. Also, this amount could have been invested wisely, as wages could have been increased; stated another workforce.

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