Since 2020 started all the people in the world have been affected by this lethal disease which is called as “Covid-19.Kroger has maximized its help and extended its hands to anyone and everyone they could reach.

This time they along with SCHD (The Shelby County Health Department) announced on October 8th, 2020 that Kroger gift cards amounting up to $125 would be offered to people in the sponsored events that they would be holding. These sponsored events are actually Corona Virus’s walk-up testing events which would help people to test for symptoms of these deadly diseases which if you ask me is a big thing because, to be honest not everyone can afford it while they might be having it and they can affect the surrounding environment and people.

They both have partnered together. Kroger’s grocery division with the Shelby County division of Community Services. Now one might think that what services would they bring? How would they work? And more especially why would they work? Well, allow me to tell you.


Their partnership actually works in a good way. Even though since the outbreak of this disease we haven’t been able to come through with a cure but what we can do, is identify people with this virus and isolate them so that they can hurt lesser and lesser people. And in my opinion, they have taken a great initiative for this thing. It would at least help us stop the out-break to reach to fewer people.


The gift cards are available to only 2 persons per household where those cards can be used to cover basic home expenses for those people who will have to stay inside their homes and isolate themselves until they get the results. The results might take 2 to 3 days. Kroger’s gift cards would help them cover their expenses while they remain in their respective houses for the days that they are waiting for the result. (Exhausting but important.) These days we HAVE TO look out for our health.


Testing will be free for anyone who is 13 and older. And it will take place on Saturday, October 10th, from 10 am to 1 pm at St. Joseph Catholic Church located on 3825 Neely road.

All the tested patients will provide their addresses and telephone numbers so that health organizations can provide them with their results. Providing all the people who have been tested with re-usable masks to help prevent further out-break. (SO CRAZY!)

I feel like it is essential for us to look out for each other and Kroger has always partnered with someone that would provide help to people or its environment. Us as human beings should stop being selfish and work with each other to help each other.

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