The speeding driver, 15, pulled over after he stops for a snack at McDonald’s drive-through


It was a surprising moment when police stopped a car over speeding at the drive-thru of McDonald’s and found out that the driver is only 15 years old, which is below the legal age of 18 years.


At the Clio in Oldbury, west midlands the teenager was spotted driving the car very carelessly at night in search of the midnight snack.

The traffic police waited for the teenager to reach the Mcdonald’s branch drive-thru and pull over at the window of the McDonald’s drive-thru.

The officers after waiting for the teenager immediately detained the car and hand the 15-year-old teenager to his parents.

WMP traffic shared that story details on Twitter that after chasing a vehicle for so long in Renault Clio, they figured out that the over-speeding driver was just only 15 years old.

The car was detained and the boy who drove furiously was returned to their parents safely. WMP added.

It has been a norm nowadays that teenagers are speeding without having a legitimate license. Which is against the law and as well as dangerous for the community.

West midlands police also encountered a teenager driving furiously and breaking the law.

They stopped a car over speeding and found a 17 years old boy who was supervised by his mom sitting next to him.

WMP added, that they stopped a BMW car over speeding and the boy who was driving was only 17 years old along with only a provisional license and no “L” plates.

The boy’s mother was supervising despite knowing the fact that they don’t have the “L” plates and also it wasn’t insured. The police detained the car and both the mother and son were reported for offenses. WMP traffic police added.

It was a very busy Tuesday for the police as they also recovered a stolen VW Golf that evening and both of the persons who were in the vehicle were detained by the police.

Incident these days are increasing in great numbers across the country, strict actions need to be done as well as awareness for the teenagers who are driving without a license. For the safety and security of the general public.

Over speeding all over the world is the cause of accidents, strict actions would avoid the people from getting killed.

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