The unfortunate planning at Kroger’s NKY Vaccine Centers is leaving many without their doses


According to recent statement, numerous of the consumers who have booked their appointments were left Kroger clinic as Kroger have messed up the schedules. Kroger said he’s rescheduling those who have been turned down. People with scheduled appointments were waiting in line outside the Northern Kentucky Convention Center for their turn to be vaccinated against COVID-19, but many left in disappointment.


The unfortunate planning at Kroger's NKY Vaccine Centers is leaving many without their doses

Now, Kroger said its vaccination center in Covington, along with several other vaccination sites across northern Kentucky, had mistakenly taken reservations from people in Ohio, even though only Kentucky residents were entitled to. A scheduling error allowed Ohioans to set appointments for Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. Many were left with disappointment and when the confusion became apparent, it meant that the hundreds of people who booked a spot in the line lost their shot. It also means that the state has had to order an additional 1,000 doses of Pfizer and Moderna vaccines from the federal government to compensate for the excess reservations.

While Kroger said in a statement that every adult who came home Thursday without a vaccine was rescheduled, Tim Ralph – an Ohio resident who was allowed to make an appointment at the convention center – said the ordeal had left him frustrated and worsening. He stated that : “You’re telling me I have to get [the vaccine]. I have to wear a mask. I have to do it but I can’t even get the vaccine.” Ohio continues to distribute the vaccine – thousands of doses every week – but the competition for appointments has been fierce due to limited health-care personnel to administer the vaccine.

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When Ralph managed to make an appointment at the Northern Kentucky Convention Center, he said he was relieved and not informed in the process that only Kentucky residents were eligible. “Sit there,” Oh, that was easy. that was awesome. “I didn’t know that was not the case.” Despite the schedule error, Kroger’s office and Governor Andy Pecher informed over the course of the week that only Kentucky residents were eligible. The conference center displayed the message on its electronic signs placed on the outside of the building surrounding the entrance. But he said Ralph took 40 minutes to get there, and got no word before he got there, that might be a problem. He said, “I have not received a word from anyone, nor anyone.” “I made absolutely no effort to mislead anyone. I told them I was from Ohio,” he said.

As soon as a crowd of Ohioans arrived inside, the organizers clarified the situation and asked the Kenton County vice mayor to leave. Bashir said Thursday that anyone from Ohio allowed to make an appointment at a location in Northern Kentucky for Friday or Saturday can keep their appointment and get their scheduled dose. He also said that Kroger would contact anyone from Ohio who was turned down on Thursday to reschedule that location for a later date. As part of their written statement, Kroger officials said, “We have contacted all of those who were rejected to reschedule their vaccination appointments. The deviation has been resolved and will not be repeated.” As of Friday, Ralph said he hasn’t received a call from Kroger yet. WCPO asked Kroger about his specific situation, and a spokesperson said Friday afternoon that they would reschedule him. Meanwhile, Ralph said he’s exploring other resources as well. Well, this is quite difficult to reach and rescheduled your appointment again. What are your views on it? Let us know in the comment section below!

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