Tires are an important part of your everyday life without you even realizing it. Having the best quality tires is important since you and the lives of your loved ones are precious.


Although tires are expensive, they are a necessary expense and should be replaced timely. Selecting the best quality tires at a reasonable price is good for your safety as well as pocket.

Here we discuss Walmart’s tire center. Walmart’s tire center is a good and affordable place option for buying tires.

Walmart is a multinational retail firm and provides almost anything at affordable prices. These things include tires too. You can find tires at Walmart’s auto care center if you have one nearby or you can order online. But there is more than just getting tires, you will also get good prices on tires installation.

If you are in desperate need of buying tires, you might want to consider these things about Walmart’s tires center before purchasing a tire:


Walmart provides in-store as well as online opportunities to buy tires just in case you don’t have a Walmart outlet nearby or you can’t find a time to visit one. While purchasing in-store, an associate can help you find the best tire for your vehicle. If you are ordering online then you can order them for the same day if it is available in your area. Otherwise, you can get them shipped for free to the Walmart store of your choice. Also, the Tire finder tools can be used to find the desired tire for your vehicle with ease at the Walmart online store.


Walmart offers relatively cheaper prices at an average on tires as compared to other stores that are $102/tire. Walmart makes sure to provide its customer with the best tires at the best prices. Walmart also provides Special offers so make sure to check those out before buying the tire.


Walmart also offers its customer to install their tires saving them all the hassle. Walmart charges $15/tire for installation. However, if you purchased a tire at a place other than Walmart, you can still get them installed at Walmart with an additional price of $10/tire. If $15/tire doesn’t sound good to you then you need to know that there is more to Walmart’s tire installation than just an average installation. Walmart provides its customer’s valve mounting/ TPMS service pack and lifetime balance and rotation every 7500 miles along with tire mounting to make your life easier.


Walmart claims that the tires that haven’t been driven or installed can be returned to the Walmart store that has a tire center. However, Walmart doesn’t accept tires that have been used or by mails. Also, Walmart stores that don’t have a tire center will not accept your tires.


Like all the other products offered by Walmart, it is a good place to buy tires. Walmart’s ease of access enables users to save time and money. Purchasing a tire is easy at both Walmart’s auto care center and online with an associate and tire finder tools respectively. The reasonable prices also provide you the flexibility to purchase a better product at a similar cost than other stores. Also, with installation available, it is easier to get all your work done in one place.