It’s the year 2020 or should we say “Era of Social Media.” Social media has taken over our lives whether we admit it or not. But just like everything and anything we do has its own set of pros and cons I would say media has a set of its own too.


If we look at the brighter side of this I would definitely say that it out-shines the dark parts. It has brought us closer to people who were far apart, now any kind of breaking news that surface in one part of the world travels to the other part of the world in just some seconds, and if you ask me that has to be one of the coolest things EVER.

It allows us to see people via video calls, hear the voices of our loved ones if we want something viral, we simply upload it on social media applications, it has given so many businesses a chance to survive in this pandemic also and the list can go on and on for years if we do so. Because that’s how much social media is important to us.

One of the most used social media applications this year is TikTok. It is quite entertaining and if you ask me it’s quite informative too. People post stuff and people from around the world no matter from where they belong, they can have easy access to it and there are a lot of trending things there too. This past week a new trend surfaced TikTok where people tell “the best things they purchased from __” and I thought it would be great to put a compilation of “the best things they purchased from Target” since Target has such a wide scope and to be honest, there were a lot of them that had its name in it and when I tell you a lot, I mean “the number of ants in this world” kind of a lot. (NO PUN INTENDED!) So, here’s the list of things that are must-haves from Target as said by “the TikTok population.”

  1. A cremo coconut mango shave cream is one of the must-haves for both men and women if they want one. With the price of just $5.99, it turns the skin softer and better than other creams.
  2. A L’Oréal infallible foundation is a must-have if you are a girl but also it has great reviews for being used on men as well. It keeps the skin hydrated while giving you medium coverage. Priced at $10.99.
  3. A tanologist sunless self-tan mitt provides a flawless tan, without absorbing the product inside itself, the glove blends in with the tanner very well. It is also cheaper than the others, priced at $4.99.
  4. Zebra Midliner highlighter set is such a treat for kids of all ages. It’s for $16.99.
  5. A Threshold x studio McGee ottoman is a must-have in your house. Available at the home depot section of Target stores. Priced at $89.
  6. A Pixi by Petra toner is gentle on the skin and mainly made for sensitive skin. Its price is $15.
  7. White Fable faux leather bomber jacket gives a cute yet classy vibes. That’s a must-have for all the fashion-holics. Priced at $35.
  8. If you have acne, one thing that you might need from Target is a Versed acne control body mist. It can prevent acne from happening anywhere and is priced at just $14.99.
  9. It’s a 10 miracle conditioner spray acts as a hair spray and a conditioner at the same time giving the best hair look ever. It is available at $42.99 in the cosmetic section of the Target store near you.
  10. Maybelline high shine gloss is the best lip-gloss in town. And is priced at $6.99.
  11. A Monistat care friction gel is the best if you go to the gym, workout, or walk a lot. It is priced at $5 and is easily available in any Target store.
  12. A round rattan basket, if you want to put extra clothes or stuff in there. It’s super big and super handy and is available in Target at $40.
  13. Hask Argan oil repair mask is one important thing if you have sensitive hair. It gives your hair shine. Its price is just $1.49.
  14. A bottle of lumify eye drops would be easy to carry and take care of your eyes if they show any redness. It is priced at $25.49.
  15. A Therabreath oral rinse for a minty and healthy breath is a must-have. It also doesn’t affect our gums and teeth and helps our mouth to freshen. Priced at $7.69. And is easily available in any Target store.

Target offers a wide range of products no matter if it’s a grocery, cosmetics, home depot, decors, toys, or whatsoever. With more than 2000 stores around the world, I would say, they are doing a tremendous job. It’s cheaper and better.

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