Toilet Paper Fiasco in COVID 19


Kroger experienced a sudden hike in the demand for papers, toilet papers to be specific. The sudden and vulnerable hike of Coronavirus cases led to an increase in panic buying and hoarding by the citizens. The intense condition, not only made the demand rise but out of control for the regular management. In an effective response to this manic situation, Kroger strategize the supply of this abnormal demand nearly overnight with the help of a small army, Kate Meyer, and Jeffrey Stowe [category manager].


The team effectively devised a plan to support and develop its supply chain system. They quickly opened up their inbox to attract new suppliers of this commodity which was now considered a staple. Kroger brought in some amazing and effective ideas of the product being delivered in full pallets to decrease the time it takes to transport the product within the warehouse.

Kroger serves more than 11 million people every day through their pickup, ship modalities, and delivery. Now, they have improved their customer service by issuing Food stamps and properly allocating goods to their relevant places. This was all done before the cases strike an abnormal figure in the US. The outstanding and quick response of the company and effective strategies by the team made this staple item readily available to the customers. Not only this, but the team kept on monitoring the fluctuations of the supply keeping a buffer stock in mind. [Astounding!]

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