Top 5 Makeup Products by Neutrogena


Neutrogena is a brand mostly known for its popular line of skincare products but did you know the brand has also introduced some amazing makeup products? For us, Neutrogena has been the favorite and most reliable brand there is particularly when it comes to its face washes, makeup removers, and moisturizers.


You never have to worry about their products being harsh on your skin and after testing out their makeup, we can say we were not disappointed. The brand definitely offers quality makeup along with its skincare products, that too at a pretty affordable price.

Here are the top 5 Makeup Products by Neutrogena (tried and tested) we absolutely loved:

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hydrating Tint Foundation

This foundation, which comes in 10 different shades is long-wearing, will plump your skin, and also moisturize it leaving it hydrated and radiant all day. This is a must-have for the upcoming season if you don’t want your skin to get dry and flaky after you apply your foundation. It is on sale on Amazon for up to 56% off! (discounts vary by shades). To find out the price for your shade for the Hydro Boost Hydrating Tint Foundation, click here.

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Plumping Mascara

This mascara will give your lashes the volume you’ve always desired. It contains Vitamin E, hyaluronic acid, and Keratin which also provide hydration. You can purchase it on Amazon for $6.89. To purchase, click here.

Neutrogena Moisture Shine Lip Soother

This lip soother gel is definitely one of our favorite products by the brand. With three shades, it will give your lips the care you need during the cold winter days. It moisturizes, protects, and also adds a colorful glow to your lips. The lip soothing gel also contains SPF 20. What more could one ask for in a lip hydrating gel?! Trust us when we tell you, it is a must-have for this winter. You can purchase it on Amazon for $5.84 (19% off)

Neutrogena Moisturizing Lipstick

With dry and chapped lips in winter, you can’t just put any lipstick on. We recommend using a lipstick that will also hydrate and moisturize your lips, such as the Neutrogena Moisturizing Lipstick. With a balm-like formula, it comes in 6 different shades, glossy and bold, and also contains shea butter and fruit extracts for moisturization. To purchase it on Amazon, click here.

Neutrogena Illuminating Powder Blush and Bronzer

The gorgeous shades in this illuminating blush pallet give your skin a natural, light glow and radiance. The pallet comes in several shades that compliment an array of skin tones. You can purchase it on Amazon for $9.39.