Top companies Opening Vacancies this 2020


We all are slowly getting used to the new normal as 2020 was an odd year, filled with many downs and very low ups and with many users happy to see its end.


Now, let’s see the positive side as this year is coming to end. Although COVID-19 is still raging across the world, many companies are preparing a mass recruiting campaign to help drive seasonal sales.

The Recent study report pattern has identified organizations that are now looking to increase employment in December. These jobs cover everything from finance to human resources and sales to remote customer service. So, if you are looking for opportunities in these fields, feel free to apply on the company websites.

While the senior who is responsible for this study says the research shows that the pandemic doesn’t encumber hiring new candidates.

Furthermore, the present predominantly, as people continue to reel from the negative impact of COVID-19 on their finances, seasonal jobs are an attractive option not only to help relieve the stress of the cash-strapped holiday season but also to help workers get back on track. Their feet and possibly the transition from seasonal work to full-time employment.

Another positive aspect he highlights that new job seekers will open many ways and many factors will increase the seasonal workers as they can now support them further with these opportunities.

It’s all-round good news for the merchandizing employment sector, as Walmart recently announced plans to employ 10,000 employees across Canada. Now their CEO said that Walmart is the place where people belong and it’s all about people. He further added that it is our people who make Wal-Mart special and represent us with our customers in communities across the country. Now, that’s something good for all the workforce. If you’re wondering which big companies are hiring? Below is the name list!

  1. Amazon
  2. DraftKings
  3. Harry and David
  4. Berries
  5. Silence
  6. Moody
  7. Perkins and Company
  8. Popcorn factory
  9. Sundance Institute
  10. TaxSlayer
  11. Unfamiliar goods
  12. VF Corporation
  13. Williams-Sonoma

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