Trump caravan roars into Marin City, Annoying the Local Residents, Feels like Local Terrorism


A caravan full of Trump Supporters drove in Marin City on Sunday, the caravan was found in the parking lot of Gateway Center with some supporter hurling racial comments in at the bystanders.


Trump supporters have caused Traffic blockage on Tappen Zee Bridge which is also named as Governor Mario M. Cuomo Bridge on 1st November. Since there are only two days left in U.S presidential election, Trump supporters are coordinating huge caravans across the country.

The Local Residents were highly annoyed and it was felt like a Local Terrorist act. Marin City resident Amber Allen Peirson who works in the Wellness Center at Tamalpais High school which is located at Mill Valley, she has received several texts by Local residents that they are being insulted. She Arrived at 11:30 am when tensions were already raised.

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