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Law enforcement officials on Thursday identified two victims of a fatal shooting at a distribution center in Kroger, Wisconsin, and claimed the victim and shooter were long-term employees of the large facility.


Two Kroger employees identified in fatal shooting at Milwaukee warehouse

At a press conference on Thursday, the two victims were identified as 39-year-old Kevin Schneider and 51-year-old Kevin Kloth. Authorities confirmed that the known victim and gunman were previously known as 41-year-old Frados Cornelius. Cornelius was killed in a car chase in Milwaukee.

Okonomo Walker’s police chief, James Pfister, said the motive is currently unknown.

Police responded to what was initially described as a possible industrial accident at 10:32 PM at 1111 Delafield Road. Tuesday. Pfister said police discovered the two victims had been shot and killed on the spot.

Police closed the facilities of Randy Supermarket, which Kroger Corporation in Cincinnati (NYSE: KR) bought for $ 800 million in 2015. , Converted to Milwaukee Business. The magazine is Courier Corporation’s sister store.

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Executives are fully involved in investigating law enforcement agencies and organizations such as the Okonomook Police Department in Mewaki, the Waukesha County Police Department, the Wisconsin Criminal Investigation Department, and the Police Department.

Hyland said Roundy’s is very sad about this tragic accident and that the company provides advisory services to employees.

Hyland said, “This tragedy has caused devastating damage not only to the Roundy family, but also to the entire community.” Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of the accomplices involved in this incident.

Hyland said Roundy’s opened a 1.2 million square foot distribution center in 2005. The factory has about 800 employees. Hyland said the company could use other facilities in the Kroger network to supply supermarket chains. Roundy operates Pick’n Save and Metro Market stores in Wisconsin.

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