Two Workers at Walmart tested positive for COVID-19


In the year covid-19, it all started with China and spread globally rapidly. Till now the coronavirus has taken more than 247k worldwide. Till now no preparation has been invented and an enormous lockdown has been imposed universally.


After more than 8 months lockdown have been lifted but it has left a huge impact on the economy and workforces. All the safety measurement has been placed in all leading places. Now, due to covid-19 workforces have to face huge risk as they have to be working on the front line to make life easier for all of us! Especially, Walmart who have been serving you in this difficult time.

According to the recent reports, an official Walmart narrator confirmed that eight employees at two Sudbury sites have tested positive for COVID-19.

Furthermore, the store has very reliable safety measures but the six employees of the Lasalle Boulevard site in New Sudbury tested positive, while two employees of the South End store tested positive due to coming in contact with someone who had Covid-19

The official statement by the store is as follows, “We keep colleagues in our minds and wish them a speedy recovery,” said an email from Walmart to Out of extreme caution, colleagues identified as having been in close contact for a prolonged period were directed to isolate themselves. We are in contact with local public health. “

Walmart workers have already been quarantined until the test comes negative to make sure that all stays safe at the store and three New Sudbury site employees who tested most recently worked on October 28, two last worked on October 31 and last worked on November 15th. Let us know how you are keeping yourself safe at work? Comment below to share your thoughts!

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