UK government has launched a task force to create 2 million green jobs by 2030


Here’s interesting yet good news for you all who have been waiting for green jobs! Now according to the recent announcement by the government they have shown a clear ambition to create green jobs and launch a new green jobs task force to set the direction of the labor market as we move to a high-skill, low-carbon economy. Sounds interesting? Swipe down to read all about it!


According to the official source, the UK government is now working to set up a force which will only work to provide around 2 million green jobs by 2030. They have debuted a new Green Jobs Task Force to set the direction of the job market as we move to a high-skill, low-carbon budget.

While in the race of this mission the co-sponsors will be chaired by Energy Secretary Kwasi Quarting and Secretary of Skills Gillian Keegan, which is part of the government’s ambitious plan to rebuild green and achieve net-zero emissions by 2050

What are the benefits? How it will be useful for all the workforce? Well, it will aim to focus on the immediate and long-term challenges to bring skilled workers to the UK’s transition to net zero. They have planned (which just a layout at the moment) to ensure we have the immediate skills needed to rebuild greeners, such as offshore wind and home modification.

The team has also decided to develop a long-term plan that demonstrates the skills needed to help achieve a zero-zero economy. Further, they plan to support workers in high-carbon transformation sectors, such as oil and gas, to retrain in new green technologies.

Moreover, today’s conference opening of the Task Force builds on a support package of £200 billion that has been provided to protect jobs in every UK region and country, with support now extended through March 2021. During the last eight months of this crisis, the UK government has helped millions of people Continue to support their families as part of its jobs plan to protect, support, and create jobs.

The official statement highlighted “This government has promised to do everything it can to provide good quality and safe work while we rebuild better and greener from the coronavirus.” The Green Jobs Task Force will oversee the UK’s making strides towards long-term economic prosperity, as well as the transition to new, low-carbon green industries in the future. It is now more important than ever to guarantee that individuals have the skills they need to develop that will help our economy recover. This sounds promising and will give fruitful results.  Comment below to let us know your thoughts!

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