UK, Wild Health Convey the Kroger Field Clinic to small communities

According to the recent reports, the Kroger is being turned into the small clinic field. While, the supply is to be the first, and possibly the biggest obstacle to a nation’s vaccination against COVID-19. Then accessibility will be the second concern. The University of Kentucky and its partner Wild Health hope to mitigate the latter.

Here’s what they said in their official statement “What we’re trying to do is introduce these vaccines to smaller communities by implementing these outreach programs with our partners,” said UK Police Chief Joe Monroe, who also leads the university’s Kroger Field Vaccine Clinic.

UK, Wild Health Convey the Kroger Field Clinic to small communities

Many of the eleven sites added by the UK are already operational, and others will follow. Berea College students and community members have already benefited from the first clinic set up on campus last weekend.

While, no one (in the city) can get to the big cities, so it’s definitely an opportunity there. And with our students; given our demographics and what we offer,” said Collis Robinson, Assistant Dean of Berea College of Student Life, said. Robinson said there was a great deal of interest from members of the student body getting the vaccine, and he felt that the primary clinic on campus last week worked very efficiently, using the word “smooth” to describe the process.

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There is a reason for this. “We have been running the Kroger Field clinic since January and are constantly working to improve this process,” said Monroe. And now they’re moving that process to eleven “satellite” sites across the state. In addition to Berea College, the program is operated – or will be – operated at Bellarmine University, Center College, Eastern Kentucky University, Georgetown College, Kinland, Kentucky State University and Western Kentucky University. So far, Berea College has only hosted one clinic, but whenever the offer permits, it will be put on schedule to do more.

Furthermore, the Kroger Field Clinic still serves more than 4,000 people per day, and this includes those who receive the first and second doses. “It’s definitely great to be able to get vaccines available to the community,” Robinson added. This helps mitigate one of the biggest problem’s officials knew we would face from the start. What are your thoughts on this? Let me know in the comment section below!

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