Using Organic Waste for a Change


The success of Kroger stores or the company itself heavily relies on the fact that they never give up, they always dug deeper and work hard. Safe to say, they FEED THE HUMAN SPIRIT. There are institutions in this world that are attempting to make systematic arrangements and changes in the world in an effort to improve the way of living and survival and relationship among us.


By now, you won’t be surprised to hear that Kroger is one of them. They made this breaking news earlier 2020 (crazy? Right?)

With all the waste that the humans are producing, I guess its good that initiatives are in process to keep humans in check (GOD knows we need it.) Waste is bad and yet it is always being produced by us. We ignore the fact that it causes so much of pollution, environmental problems and global warming. Sometimes we just produce waste out of things that become “old-fashioned” and then replace them with new things which would also become a waste in the future for being merely “old-fashioned.”

So, Kroger has decided to use all the organic waste to help corporate a campus in Compton, Calif.

Overtime, Kroger and FEED also partnered to create their very own Anaerobic Digester located on one of the Ralphs campus. (It keeps blowing the brain, right?)  Kroger is the leader of this in US as its one of the very first Anaerobic Digester in this space.  Even though science is scary, the help that it is giving humans overtime is crazy. Here is how the SCIENCE of ANAEROBIC DIGESTER works:

  • The packages that are given to Ralphs containing the unsold organics are packed into bins and then are packed into trailers. When the truck arrives at the centre the bins are off-loaded and then bought to the digester.
  • Now comes the digester, the pre-processor of a digester liquefies the solid organics. The end result is like a organic smoothie. Sure doesn’t waters your mouth but it gets the work done!
  • The smoothie is then transferred to bowels along with water processed by Ralphs creamery. The methanogenic predators wait for their prey to come. You must be thinking, who the prey might be. Its the MIGHTY FATTY ACIDS. And then they pass the gas. (Weird!)
  • The bubbles of methane and carbon dioxide float over the top of the large tank.
  • The gas is compressed.
  • Pushed through energy making small micro turbines.
  • The digestion system produces a certain concentration of minerals and nutrients that turn into an organic fertilizer.

Its weird to think as well as it is to write that human behaviour can’t be easily changed but technology can. So humans rather than changing themselves have changed the technology and easy to say, if we look on the positive side, its better for us. Kroger and FEED have accomplished what a lot of companies have yet to accomplish. And in my opinion that is what makes it UNIQUE as well as SUCCESSFUL.

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