W2 or 1099 Which one is better to Work at?


Now, if you are not able to decide on the better choice of workspace opportunity between W2 and 1099 as an employee. Then you should read this blog guide! As today we will highlight all about it and you will learn the benefits and disadvantages as well. So, let’s get started, now have taken a part in the workforce, you are either a W2 employee or a 1099 contractor.


Now, many of you might not know about the year, perpetual employees will get a W2 tax form. While 1099 contractors are in authority for paying quarterly taxes on their income. There are many advantages and disadvantages if you are planning to work as an employer in both fields. While to make it clear for you all we have highlighted all about 1099 contractor and W2 employees’ benefits.

What are the Advantages of being a 1099 contractor?

While if you choose to work as a self-regulating 1099 contractor, you come to an agreement that you will perform a service for your customer for a pre-determined period. Along with a pre-determined quantity of money. Now, you will be your boss at work and you will decide who to pick and select the customers and jobs you want. Here are some of the compensations for the existence of a 1099 contractor.:

  • While, their many benefits, but one of the most outstanding ones is that you can have more power over your working schedule and job: Additionally, you can choose who you will let the work and how much? when it’s up to you. Being a 1099 worker, you avail yourself of many flexibilities and balance your work-life however you want.
  • Another great benefit: Perks of Being self-employed, you can take time off, get up late, or spend additional time whensoever you want. As a freelancer, you have more suppleness to do things your way.
  • Growing Chances: Being paid and getting promoted as a W2 employee is completely up to your boss or instantaneous supervisors. When you work as a self-governing contractor, your professional path is up to you.

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What are the Disadvantages of being a 1099 worker?

Now, let’s talk about the disadvantages? Well, if you work as W2 employees are permitted to cover reimbursements or paid time off. But managers are not indebted to deliver these reimbursements to 1099 workers. One more downside is that freelancers or 1099 contractors are taken as the self-employed, which makes them accountable to pay more taxes. It’s also significant to note that 1099 workers must compute and pay their duties themselves. Furthermore, if in attendance are any imprecisions in tax reporting, it may result in an IRS audit.

What are the Advantages of Being a W2 employee?

Let’s talk about working as a W2 employee. It does involve signing a formal employment contract that makes you an enduring employee of the corporation. While the great thing about working as a W2 employee is that you will the guaranteed a convinced number of hours per week. Along with some protection against unlawful termination of employment. While if we talk about the advantages then there are many advantages to being a W2 employee, including:

  • Eligible for company benefits
  • stable employment
  • Fewer tax obligations

What are the Disadvantages of Being a W2 Employee?

According to the W2 employee, you will have to work with very strict working hours. This means that you will firm schedule that can be changed at any time. You will also consume less say in the work you do daily. If you are a W2 employee, your company can also necessitate you to follow specific compliance standards and regulations that may not apply to 1099 contractors. So, it might be a drawback if you are used to working as an independent employee in past.

Who wins?

Well, it is quite difficult to say that if you work as a W2 worker or an independent 1099 contractor, it’s essential to be aware of your rights. It is better that you talk to CPA and discuss all the details. Also, you can consult a certified public accountant or tax advisor, you can make the most of the benefits of both options. If you have further questions related to the blog, comment below.

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