Walmart and Amazon Online Sales Turn Warehouse Workers into ‘The Mainstay Of Our Economy’


Now, as we know that festive season is here and the sales are expected to increase 20% this year due to corona you might not be able to enjoy or celebrate like normally, we used to. But with Walmart and Amazon chains you can get anything you want on your doorsteps! We know it sounds super great! But wait the hard work and determination is all due to the workforce.


According to the inside source, each worker they’re at a Walmart Distribution Center begins their first of three bouts of approximately 12 hours duration in what he calls a “COVID Fund” in Shelby, North Carolina. While the worker said that many co-workers fail to follow mask requirements. Social distancing is difficult, especially as groups come together at the beginning and end of transitions. Rumors of COVID cases are rife at the distribution center, with little contact from senior officials when co-workers stop coming to work. With the holiday shopping season approaching in full swing, more and more workers are being employed.

This employee and the 1.2 million others who work in warehouses across America are from the invisible lower class as retailers head to the peak shopping season. Traditional images of holiday shopping are filled with frantic cashiers and rowdy retail workers. But in 2020, the success or failure of the season depends more than ever on warehouse personnel. From April to October, the United States added 146,700 warehouse and warehousing jobs, as people stuck inside switched to online shopping. The end of the year is already a prime time for warehouses when companies are hiring thousands of seasonal workers to make sure gifts arrive in stores and shoppers’ homes before Christmas Day. This holiday season, more workers will be required in warehouses – just as COVID cases increase across the United States.

Amazon and other retailers have employed hundreds of thousands of warehouse workers due to the extra work demand.  Retailers rely on a network of warehouses across America to keep shelves stocked and deliver packages to online shoppers. Amazon has approximately 290 million square feet of warehouse space across the country, according to the CoStar Group.

Walmart and Sam’s Club has an area of ​​approximately 143 million square feet, about 30% of which is used for e-commerce. Third-party logistics companies (3PLs) – mostly with names few Americans know – have an additional 800 million square feet. Now, companies are relay on their workers and it is their hard work to keep the economy running and stable. But considering the current situation, it is quite risky due to increasing cases of Coronavirus and it is scheduling that customers need to relay more e-commerce for safety reasons. Let us know what are your thoughts on it? Comment below!

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