Walmart Begins Pre-Orders For iPad Air 4


News of the iPad Air 4 hitting the market was just released last month. However, it can now readily be ordered through Walmart.


Walmart opened its doors for orders related to the new sensation launched by Apple. This iPad is being sold in 5 different color options: sky blue, green, rose gold, space gray, and silver. The version with 64GB storage is available for $599 at the retailer whereas the version with 256GB configuration is available at Walmart for $879. You can preorder the iPad now. Walmart will begin dispatching orders by 23rd October.

The New iPad Air 4 has several distinctive features. People all over America can not wait to get their hands on it. The new version has a similar full-screen thin-bezel design to the 2018 pro (just at a much economical price). Moreover, the latest A14 chip is integrated into the system to enhance the functioning of the new device. The Touch id sensation has been included in the top button for quick sensory use of the iPad.

Earlier last month, Apple announced in a brief press statement earlier that the new iPad would be up in the market in October. Even on Tuesday at an information session for an event, no definite release date for the iPad 4 was provided. However, it is now evident that the iPad 4 will be released on 23rd October.

Walmart has been way ahead of its competitors by allowing pre-orders for Apple’s latest invention already. Several authorized sellers of Apple across the UK have confirmed the release date to be 23rd October.

Hurry up and book the new Apple iPad 4 through Walmart- America’s #1 retailer. Walmart is committed to delivering top-notch items at your doorstep as soon as they are released.

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