Walmart cleared of bomb threat by Paragould Emergency Services


There were reports of a bomb placed in the Walmart Supercenter on West Kingshighway. On Wednesday at 2:50 pm the Paragould police were notified about a possible bomb threat in one of the centers of the country’s biggest retailer. Understandably, there was a lot of chaos initially.


However, the officers on duty were prompt to respond. They immediately arrived on the scene and steered across the parking lot before declaring it clear. Shortly afterward, the parking area was shut down. The SWAT team quickly evacuated the building to stay clear of any sort of danger. The police officers thoroughly moved around the building and checked each and every corner for any sign of prospective bomb or any other explosives which may cause serious damage.

The fire department and ambulances were also reported about the possible bomb threat and arrived on the scene soon to assist the police department. Considering the possible bomb inside the store the fire department was called out to extinguish any resulting fire. Ambulances were also called so medical aid could be provided to possible injured people to minimize the damages and avoid any causalities. Even though the building was emptied the SWAT team was cautious and ensured extra safety by taking such measures.

As of now, no bomb or any other explosive had been discovered by the police inside the store. The building was clear and declared safe. However, this is a sensitive matter which is still under investigation by the local authorities. Therefore, no more information has been released to the press.

People are scared to their core by the occurrence on Wednesday. They believed their safety had been jeopardized and demanded Walmart to adopt better safety techniques for their protection. We hope and pray the matter is investigated properly and the masses are informed what triggered the grave bomb threat.

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