Walmart closes west El Paso Sam’s Club for sanitization because of Covid-19 spread concerns


A west El Paso Sam’s Club store was unexpectedly shut Saturday because of obvious worries about the spread of Covid-19.


Walmart, which works the Sam’s Club store at 7970 N. Plateau Street, closed it down Saturday evening and the organization said it would stay shut until Monday morning.

A representative for the retail monster told ABC-7 that the store was shut so an expert cleaning firm could come in and purify the store.

In an announcement, the representative referred to the proceeding “flood of Covid cases in El Paso,” yet didn’t give any further points of interest regarding the explanations behind the conclusion of that specific store.

All other El Paso zone Walmart stores seemed to stay in activity as normal on Saturday evening.

This was the second Walmart property to be incidentally shut lately for cleaning.

A little more than seven days prior, clients of the Walmart store at 5631 Dyer Street in upper east El Paso saw a comparative shut down for two days.

Around then, authorities said the conclusion was not incited by any El Paso Department of Public Health activity, but instead was a Walmart-started exertion. That appeared to likewise be the situation with Saturday’s Sam’s Club conclusion.

El Paso Mayor Dee Margo and wellbeing authorities have consistently said that retail locations are the top wellspring of infection spread in the network.

Even though County Judge Ricardo Samiengo has requested a fourteen-day closure of all unimportant organizations because of the infection emergency, retailers who sell staple goods are absolved from that order.

The appointed authority’s structure is being implemented by El Paso County Sheriff’s delegates, who said Saturday they were confident that the residents of El Paso will comprehend the earnestness of this issue and willfully consent to the Judge’s organization. In any case, an implementation move will be made.

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