Walmart Decides To Change Their  Covid-19 Safety Precautions


The pandemic has changed the way we do everything including shopping. Now, people need to make sure they adopt proper precautionary measures to avoid contracting the virus.


Since the sale season is upon us it is imperative to stay cautious. Several retailers had shown leniency in their pandemic safety measures over the past few days. However, many of these stores including Walmart have decided to implement strict safety measures for the protection of the consumers. The storage capacity will be limited to only 20% to avoid huge crowds.

As Black Friday approaches us this year things will be unique. Observing social distancing is mandatory for safety throughout all Walmart stores across the nation. The strict safety precautions were eased by Walmart earlier. However, the store has decided to return to the old policy which only allows 20% of the usual crowd to gather inside the store at one time.

Black Friday marks the beginning of the sale season provides consumers with a one of a kind shopping experience. It attracts a large number of people. Therefore, Walmart has changed their precautionary measures policy this year to avoid crowds.

Black Friday will be distributed into three different events rather than a single day. Usually, it is a one-day yearly event but this year the Black Friday deals will be dissipated throughout November. The sale deals will kick off online for each of the three separate events. People will not have to go to the stores. They will have the ease of viewing, selecting, and ordering their favorite items on sale at the comfort of their houses.

In the previous years, people would set up alarms, wait in long queues for hours to step foot in the mart, and rush into the stores to get their hands on the most awaited sale products. However, this year people can even pick up their sale items through Walmarts no contact pickup service. Stores will be open on particular days entertaining only 20% of customers at a single time. During sale days, to facilitate the customers’ stores will be opening two hours earlier than usual.

Walmart’s sole aim is to provide its customers with a good and safe shopping experience which is why it has decided to implement these policies. COVID-19 is here to stay which means we need to be careful. Walmart ensures that people stay safe and shop judiciously.

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