Walmart has a grand plan to help suppliers club together to buy green energy


Hurricane katrina destructed New Orleans in 2005, Walmart the world’s largest retailer had a tipping point at that time.


While Walmart doing a good business its focus on its customers and employees need to be on the broader perspective, according to the CEO Doug McMillon. “We were a large company but we didn’t know what was required of us environmentally and socially,” he said, addressing NYC conference.

McMillon decided to step up to show the commitment of achieving 100% renewable energy, more sustainable supply chain, zero waste strategy and increase in the minimum wage.

In the climate conference the announcement was made that Walmart is planning to become a “regenerative”company , in its environmental goals focus on decarbonisation, where Walmart is aiming to emit zero carbon by the year 2040. It is also planning to protect, manage or restore the ocean. Also the Walmart planning to achieve zero waste in its operation in USA.

“Just like other companies Walmart’s impact on environment come through shoppers and suppliers,” Walmart chief stated. They are trying to focus on consumer supply chain functions from suppliers to the end product going in the shoppers basket. He also added.

By 2035 Walmart is planning to use hundred percent solar, wind and other greenhouse technologies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Walmart aims to reduce its emmsions by 1 gigaton by 2030 through its project called project Gigaton initiative where suppliers will group together and buy the Gigaton PPA program which was launched in September.

Walmart want to see favorable policies regarding social and environmental footprint. By being bigger player in supermarket industry, Walmart can give their suppliers the opportunity by going green and caring for the environment and social fabric of the community.

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