Walmart Inflates Work From Home to Trade Employees


One of the leading and known names in store chains globally, Walmart is expected to announce the extended period for their trade workers’ work from home time. As we know that due to Covid-19 Walmart has asked their trade workforce to work from home. Now, Walmart workers will continue to work from home up until at minimum July 5, 2021, the company announced in an internal memo.


According to the source, the confirmed notes the spike in COVID-19 cases across the country and the expected month-long vaccine distribution as workers in the decision to keep Walmart employees away mainly until next summer. Meanwhile, workers wishing to head to the Walmart campus will have to complete a health check before they are allowed entry. HQ Bentonville, Ark employees need to reserve time slots and follow other safety protocols so they can work in the office.

In addition, most Walmart employees are predicted to start gradually returning to the office in July. Walmart’s chief of staff, Donna Morris, noted in the message that the retailer expects to have the opportunity to “increase flexibility in our working days” once they start returning to the office. And although Walmart’s official position is that working together on-site supports “collaboration, innovation, and speed” and will remain the default way of working, some roles, especially in technology, will move to be essentially distant indefinitely, Morris wrote.

Also, in the memo, Walmart’s partners are required to report positive COVID-19 tests within 24 hours through a classified online tool. The memo states that the Corporate Campus Reporting Tool is not intended for those who work in stores or in supply chain facilities. While, Bentonville, work continues on Walmart’s sprawling new headquarters, a technology-focused campus of four quarters connected by cycling and walking paths. Walmart is looking to its new headquarters to help attract and retain the best talent through features such as outdoor workspaces and on-site childcare. Now, what are your thoughts on it? Comment below! 

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