Walmart Removes Price Comparison Policy, Resulting In Consumer Disapproval


Walmart Canada, the country’s grocery giant has put an end to the price matching policy across the stores. Understandably, the customers are beyond angry. They have been voicing their concerns regarding this decision.


While the entire world is stuck in the middle of the pandemic, people believed their favorite retailer would be a bit more ‘sympathetic’ towards them.

Walmart announced earlier that they would abolish the price comparison program, earlier in September. However, they provided no definite time for the implementation of the policy. However, now customers can not avail of price comparison in the stores. Several consumers have lashed out in response to Walmart’s new plan. Customers are not happy. They believe it is inconsiderate of Walmart to take this facility from their hands during the pandemic when they are trying to go on fewer shopping sprees and save money.

People are being forced to spend more money at Walmart because the store clearly has a greater variety of products than other competitors. As a result, people are left with no other option other than spending more money to purchase top-notch products all under one roof.

Walmart claims their decision has nothing to do with the pandemic. A spokesperson stated that Walmart Canada will be launching a low-cost pricing initiative called ‘rollbacks’. Although no exact date has been revealed for the commencement of this program yet we are hopeful it will relieve the consumers of the burden caused by the removal of the price comparison policy.

For the ease of the consumers, Walmart has introduced a new policy. If a person purchases a certain product and the item later goes on sale and the price reduces he/she can request a refund for the difference within a span of 30 days. This scheme has been initiated to facilitate consumers.

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