Walmart Shuts Down Kimbell Tennesse Store For Disinfection


The Walmart store in Kimbell has been closed by the retailer for the moment after several workers contracted the coronavirus. Walmart closed the mart at 2 pm on Wednesday. It is expected to open by 7 am Friday.


During this time the insides and outsides of the store will be thoroughly disinfected by the cleaning department. Sanitization is the need of the time since 20 people were reported to test positive for the coronavirus in the store.

Walmart checks the temperature of everyone entering the store (consumers and workers).  Regular health checks are also conducted to ensure the well-being of the staff and safeguard the health of the customers as well.

A steep rise has been noticed in the number of corona cases in Tennesse where the Kimbell store is located. Walmart officers have stated that the closing of the store is only a temporary protective measure to properly cleanse the store before opening doors for the consumers. This is a precautionary measure to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

As a battle against COVID, Walmart has adopted serious safety measures. Since April 2020, all employees were instructed to wear facial masks. By July 2020, face masks were made mandatory for consumers as well. Otherwise, they would not be allowed to enter the store. No-touch payment methods were provided soon after the pandemic hit to facilitate the customers. In addition to this, sneeze guards have been established. Clear signs mentioning social distancing have also been provided. The retailer has carefully improved cleaning services as well.

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