Walmart sues US government to pre-empt possible DoJ opioid lawsuit


US government has been sued by Walmart In an attempt to foretell a possible Department of Justice lawsuit, it has been argued that the federal authorities are putting so much pressure on pharmacists on how to handle opioid prescriptions.


The biggest retailer having 5000 in-store pharmacies across the USA challenged the officials that they are putting so much focus on “chasing the headlines than fixing the crisis.” In an attempt to deal with the drug rules and regulations. On Thursday when the lawsuit was filed in Texas the Department of justice intended to sue Walmart overfilling opioid prescriptions from many doctors that the USA government has identified them as problematic.

Fueling of the epidemic has been blamed on doctor’s prescription, results in hundreds of thousands of USA citizens have died. In the proceedings, Walmart said the Drug Enforcement Administration and the justice department have been putting the pharmacists in a weak position, arguing that I suffered when the US stated to refuse to fill opioid prescriptions from licensed doctors and now they are facing the reaction of the federal government for filing too many. “On one side the pharmacist risks civil liability, Federal investigation or even criminal prosecution should DoJ and DEA claims that the prescription the pharmacist believed was valid should not have been filled,” The lawsuit said.

“On the other hand who doesn’t file the prescription risk their licensed stripped on the basis of unauthorized practice of medicine, which doesn’t anticipate the potential harm to the patients when their medicine is required,” it added.

The lawsuit name Timothy Shea, the acting administrator of the DEA, and William bar the US Attorney general as defendants. The Department of Justice and Drug Enforcement Administration did not immediately respond to the request for comment.

To defend the civil action by the justice department, Walmart has sought declaratory relief. It was argued by the company that 70 percent of the doctors encountered during the survey by the government wrote problematic prescriptions and in fact, continued to have registration with the DEA.

Defendants blamed Walmart that it processed supposedly bad prescription written by the doctors that Drugs Enforcement Administration and state enabled them to write those prescriptions in the very first place and continued to stand by it till today.” Lawsuit alleged.

The justice department has previously inspected Walmart over its filling of opioid prescriptions and in the end, dropped the criminal charges.

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