Walmart Workers Wanted to Be Heard- Our Voices Matters 


We all love Walmart there’s no doubt about it! That’s our go-to place for everyday grocery needs. But have we ever considered how they’re treating their employees in Covid-19? Here’s the inside story from one of the workers who wanted to become the voice of their workforce and want to raise voice for their rights and safety!


The Walmart worker said that, For the past eight months, I’ve seen a panic over people waiting for products as well, while Walmart provides us with any information about whether we need to test for the virus as well. Starting the pandemic, Walton’s fortune swelled by $43.2 billion thanks to Walmart’s huge gains in stock prices. The super chain Wal-Mart achieved $10 billion in revenue growth.

Meanwhile, even working here, I’m still making less than $15 an hour. While our colleagues like me are working on the front lines of this dangerous pandemic and found to be the whites of grocery stores, pharmacies, and household goods, Wall and Sweet have walked in on the response to COVID-19 and are keeping virus outbreak secrets in our stores.

What we demand is Walmart to answer our claims to the primary computer – more information than information from protection, spacing and we need a seat at the company formation table, real representation on the board of directors.

He further added, sadly more than a thousand of my colleagues have reported the virus to an employee, including more than 80 in one store in MassachusettsWalmart, the nation’s largest retailer and employer does not have its own comprehensive testing device, does not test workers who show symptoms, and does not include COVID-19 focus data for the nearly 1.5 million workers in the United States. As for our Asylum Executive, he declares his commitment to openness, while assistants train workers in virus infections that are kept confidential, a slap in the face for colleagues like me, who showcase our lives every day.

To this day, after the most prevalent spread of the Coronavirus in the country, preparing to interact with underage customers, dispensing with personal protective equipment, and carrying heavier workloads driven by the boom in online orders and purchases, without risk. Our stores are still not clean, and the bathrooms are not completely sterile. These all could be fixed by Walmart, it didn’t.

Even more, to fear is that Walmart does not accept waiting desk notes that motivate colleagues to come to work when we are sick. Working program for a device running a device working in a working program for a machine running in a working program is 58% of them. Now all they demand is a better solution and sanitation to stay protected without losing their jobs and it needs to be discussed in the Walmart board-room.

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