Walmart’s employee arrested by the force 


Here’s a thought-provoking piece of news! The leading company in America, known as Walmart is one of the favorite retailers for American and globally. Now, recently worker at Walmart got arrested by the police. The workforce at Walmart named Juliet, Illinois – A 39-year-old Juliet man who works at a Walmart Juliet’s store site on West Jefferson Street was arrested morning in connection with felony theft charges.


While the Jeremy Young of Block 300 of Richards Street is still in Will County Jail awaiting a bail hearing on Wednesday as the case has been registered against him. Besides, the workforce Juliet’s squad cars rolled to Walmart on the 2500 block of Jefferson around 6:20 a.m. after learning from store officials of employee theft. 

According to the indorsed report by the department, Juliet Police Information shows that “officers determined that Young, a Walmart employee, had stolen merchandise from the store without paying for the items during the last shift.”

The official declaration against him is that they saw him stealing multiple items and left without paying. “Young was seen removing an item from its original packaging and putting it in his car in the parking lot.”

Furthermore, Young hid another Walmart item under his clothes, according to police. Reports showed that Walmart’s loss prevention team determined that Young had not paid for any merchandise. Juliet Young was taken by police in handcuffs and handed him over to Will County Jail where he was held at around 8 am. This attempt by the employee might make the company increase and strict the security and checking for the employees. Besides, there’s no response or statement by the arrested employee yet and the case is still pending. Don’t forget to comment below! 

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