Want to work at Kroger? This is your chance!


Cincinnati: Here’s exciting news for all those who have been waiting or was trying to get a job at Kroger. Now, this is your chance to try your luck and you might get hired. Kroger Inc said it proposes to hire 10,000 new colleagues through a nationwide hybrid job fair this week.


While, the event, which the Cincinnati retailer said is a first for Kroger, is scheduled for June 10 and includes virtual and in-store interviews, and in certain sections. Kroger will also host live online chats for interested participants. Online chats, arranged through the Brazen platform, can help fill roles faster than traditional recruitment methods in part by giving candidates. The convenient options for advancement and learning, according to Brazen.

Want to work at Kroger This is your chance!

Furthermore, the event is looking for new talent for retail stores, e-commerce, pharmacy, manufacturing and logistics. And comes amid a nationwide labour crisis affecting hourly employers such as retail stores. Figures released last week from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics indicated that food and beverage establishments shed about 26,000 jobs in May. As reopening the economy led to workers returning to sectors such as food service and competition between employers in certain markets putting upward pressure on wages.

Here what Kroger stated in an official announcement “In today’s highly competitive job market, we know the talent is selective and attracts companies that drive with a clear purpose. Grow and improve every day, and are committed to delivering a diverse, inclusive, and engaging culture where they can thrive and excel. It also highlights rising wages it expects associates’ average pay to increase to $16 an hour this year from about $15.50. Kroger also offers perks like discounts on groceries, flexible hours, prepaid options and a tuition reimbursement program.

Additionally, Tim Massa, Senior Vice President Kroger and Chief Personnel Officer.” “To continue advancing our inclusive culture where employees feel valued. And can feed their future, we are embracing greater collaboration, technology and innovation to attract. The identify and develop talent to help us achieve our business goals. With a focus on advancing rewarding affiliate and customer experiences and always being in The store is fresh and friendly.”

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