#WeAreTarget trending on Twitter


As we all probably know by now, the world is a scary place to live in. Living in it alone could never be an option and it SHOULDN’T be one too.


A healthy world would be a place where everyone, no matter what caste, gender, race, or culture they belong to, lives together in harmony. Just like how a song appears well to our ears when sang in harmony, a world with harmony would definitely be an awesome place to live.

Taking an initiative for its team members, Target has shown us that it is nothing without their co-operation, dedication, and togetherness. Not only did the corporation showed us that they love their workers, but the workers also showed us that Target is their home sweet home.

In early September, this year, Twitter pages were filled with a trend started by Target’s employees where they would spread the positivity and love they received from Target. There were more than thousands of tweets and people shared those tweets to show the world that even though the world is in crisis, the only thing that would help us is unity and togetherness. Not only did this spread love and positivity around the world but also it gave hope to people. A hope that they are in this together. A hope that good people still exist. A hope that they can get through anything and everything. Hope that good exists.


So what is the hashtag trend on which everyone is so crazy about? #WeAreTarget can be called as the ray of hope for people. Not only can Target workers post stuff under the name of this hashtag but also Target customers can take the lead. People from different Target stores whether they work there or just to explain their shopping experience, have posted pictures and videos under this hashtag.

As soon as you will click on Target’s hashtag trend you will see a bunch of tweets. From the whole Target gang dancing on the songs in front of their, Starbucks counter to a mother posting how her children want to work in Target in the future. Your heart will be filled with joy and love by just seeing this.

Along with the trend, there was a Target virtual event for employees where people from around the world participated. They could do whatever they want to praise the work that Target employees have done. You can also see singing videos of people being posted under this hashtag which is a sight to see and rhythm to ears.

One thing that is so common in our world is Homophobia. That has already spread so much hate in this world and is still spreading. Homophobia makes humans hate each other for what they are, they judge them and some even go to lengths to threaten them as well. At #WeAreTarget you will see people standing up for LGBTQ+ people, speaking up for their rights. All the Targets customers and employees post pictures of supporting them. THESE PICTURES WOULD JUST MELT YOUR HEART! Is the direct emotion of the crowd viewing them? Visual representation has its own special effect on everyone.

#WeAreTarget doesn’t only support Target employees and customers but it also supports people from around the world that you’ll see a mother beaming with pride when her children told her that they want to work at Target. You will also find videos where the whole Target team is dancing outside their store to just cherish the moments and spread love.

You would be surprised to know that I also came across a video of a MARRIAGE PROPOSAL that was happening just outside Target store where the employees were standing their praising soon-to-be spouses and throwing flowers in the air. That video really did fill my heart with warmth. And when we tell you, these small gestures being viral on social media helps spread love, we are NOT KIDDING. There is so much hate in the world that we sometimes forget it starts from us, it is all inside the US!

It is these moments in our time, that we realize that life is too short to spread hate and #WeAreTarget has given hope to people watching that, that at least there is some unity left in the world. A sprinkle of harmony, one cup of love, and mixing the togetherness is what the bowl of world needs. Due to all the positivity, the hashtag is spreading, the tweets and pictures that are shared under its name are going massively viral. There have been until now more than 100k tweets and #WeAreTarget has definitely created some buzz in the air.