West Valley Police needs Publics Help with Child Abduction


The Police is in search of Leticia Lee Vigil, Police has claimed that she has abducted Viana Vigil Islas who is an Infant. The Infant has brown hair and brown eyes and weight is around 14 pounds however, Leticia Lee Vigil is described as 5 feet and 3 inches approx. and weigh nearby 130 pounds with brown hair. The Police has also issued her photo along with info about the Amber Alert.


At 9:40 pm on Sunday, Police shared the child abduction Amber Alert. Police has claimed that Leticia Lee Vigil has taken Vinia Vigil Islas (who is only one month old) from a family member who currently has custody of the baby. Some information is still unknown that Leticia Vigil had access to a car.

The Utah Division of Child and Family Services claimed that they have removed the infant from her mother’s custody on 27th October. The Custodial relative handed the child in care of another relative. That relative permitted the mother to remove the child, it wasn’t found until the Legal guardian of the infant returned home. Within a few hours the family approached the West Valley police, reporting the custodial interference.

The Division of Child and Family services contacted the Police at 4:30 p.m. and informed that the mother “Leticia Lee Vigil” did not have any custodial rights on the child. The Custodial interference was escalated to abduction while the investigators contacted the family members to gather information about the Mother of the child missing.

The Police have requested publicly, that if anyone have any information about the mother or the baby can contact: 801.840.4000 or call 9-1-1.

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