What Age does Kroger Hire?


As one of the largest large-scale grocery store chains in the United States, Kroger is often a target for young adults looking to enter the job market. Those hoping to get employment with this company must meet the minimum age requirements. While the store generally hires individuals aged 16 and over, some states allow minors under the age of 14 to start a business in Kroger.

Provided they have an official work permit. Some jobs may require the operation of heavy equipment and machinery related to the job and may require applicants to stand at least 18 years to qualify for certain positions.

What Age does Kroger hire

Now, few days back Kroger was hiring new employee and they’re planning to hire more than 3000+ employee in their warehouses to stores. You must be wondering how you can apply if you have missed that chance? Below is the detailed information regarding how you can get designated and get approved.

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How old do you have to be to work at Kroger?

Applicants must be at least 16 years old to qualify for most Kroger jobs. Opportunities range from entry-level cashier positions to a variety of management roles. Other unique jobs include florists, grocery clerks, and pharmacy technicians. You can even apply if you don’t have any prior experience etc at the entry level job at Kroger.

How much do Kroger employees get paid?X

The majority of Kroger’s job opportunities are part-time and hourly. Prices vary by department and role. Wages range from $7.91 an hour for cashiers to $22.11 an hour for managers.

  • Kroger Partners (Cashers) earn an average of $7.91 per hour.
  • Kroger Partners (behind the scenes) earn an average of $13.46 per hour.
  • Kroger Partners (Assistant Manager) earn up to $22.11 per hour.

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