What are the legal ramifications for forging a W2 form for employment?


The purpose of W-2 form is that it is used for conveying IRS about  how much of a person’s paychecks were being received throughout the former year in covering the payroll taxes.


If someone’s ex-husband is in a corporation and he hasn’t sent IRS payroll taxes regarding the “employee” for all the years of 2018 which has passed, W-2 would look absurd and the next step they would take is displaying of red flag as a sign for inspecting.

The main motive of giving the employees W-2 form is besides the fact it is legally required to give them, each dollar which is being paid to them comprises of “payroll taxes” which is a dollar which they can subtract away from the chargeable earnings there by subtracting their legal responsibility as to what they can be indebted to IRS.

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Therefore generating a false employee while being unaware of the consequences just to purchase a car looks unreasonable, therefore if the ex-husband of yours is in a hurry to purchase a car and also wants to slope as for the business expenditure, he is permitted and he should subtract the amount of the vehicle time to time in mean time of an year, we can state it as a markdown and the payment in done in  installments, therefore there would be no need for the ex-husband to fake being an employee as to gain the car, hence he can utilize the money to get his car. Also whatsoever the girlfriend bluffed about his salary surely, the salary was not to be a  justify statement of owning heavy salary, in reality it would be even less than a dollar or so or maybe in the case if she is the only one being employed.

No matter what he would slide with any option if he chooses not to send the ISR her payroll taxes with an attachment of her social security number which was of the last year. The thing he could’ve approached was to give her 1099 form as for the self-governing agreement. Still he can type it although they would have not asked about any regarding payroll tax document series which wouldn’t hold any if they won’t have.

I have confusions regarding this matter therefore I would seek counselling from the lawyer.

Afterthoughts: Going through my answers and the various answers being told, I just now understand that I couldn’t properly get the question right. In my senses I understood that the “false W-2” form was given into IRS in regard with your company’s yearly tax return although I know now that the ex of yours was pursuing to give the car whom someone could give the evidence of taking of the loan of the car which his girlfriend can manage into paying the amount therefore I understand his position yet I don’t approve about his whole plan. I would display something for you regarding USA in 2008, countless amount of bankers are now understanding about “Sub Prime” being a total waste which are mortgages which are being permitted from the past five years now starting to non-remittance, because of the reason that market collapsed and in that incident thousands of residents had to lose their shelters and much of the story holds more of the damaged caused by the realtors and at times the loan officers themselves, who were continuously forceful as they had an idea that the debtors aren’t financially stable to return the mortgage, it was to put pressure just to safe the commissions made by sales.

I have the information about a realtor who also attempted the same thing as your ex but what he wanted was all about purchasing a house rather than a car. She had a loan officer with her and would call her husband who falsely acted as a HR being at a false corporation, also he had the audacity to ensure them about the jobs having a relevant application to it and they would generate money which required to pay the loans. After that the procedure of loans would start and inspected enough, in one or two years and after that there were no family member who could’ve paid the amount back therefore they would just have lose track of everything.

She had to do it for many of the customers whom she knew they couldn’t afford to pay the mortgage price yet she was careless to think about the customers. In the gulf area market an average house costs $$935,000 and then she received 4 percent of commission on each sale of house which was about roughly being $37,400. Her logic was that their incapacity to return the payment was an arising issue, initially the customers shouldn’t have bothered to purchase the home they couldn’t manage it, unless she was generating in between $20-120k on each sale, also I heard she sold about 20 houses in the year of 2006 and also above 30 in the year of 2007 she couldn’t care less about anyone that she damaged people’s lives.

Such a waste to say, that a woman can be so selfish and wouldn’t even look over her behavior and care about the mental state of the customers who put their faith in these people who assist them to own a house rather they led to corrupt their faith and money, is the reason of the initial housing failure in 2008 which reached out to bank being bailouts and causing state slump.

So in my opinion what your husband did was a minor betrayal yet it does makes issues. Also his partner’s reputation would all fall down in time of when she Levant the loans and the trackers coming back for the car. I know for sure he assured her about helping her out regarding the loan’s expenditures and was this a red flag of their relationship that he is toying her for his needs. Her name being on the loan gives him the decision whether he stays with during the hard time or not, he’ll prevent at all cost to pay the loans and let the penalties being handled by her, the damages he would made includes car being taken back, destroying of her credit, dragging her into slumped debt all together onto her, he would run away while leaving her in despair.

I just cannot comprehend that you had so much affection for your ex’s current girlfriend even so if a little. I would definitely caution her to get back the car and also to check all kinds of sales document about agreeing, often there is a section of return policy which displays all the basic info she needs to prevent the damage if he has any intention of and make her life miserable and so she has a safe corner to run away from it.