What are the outcome of the West Pike Street Kroger closure?


As we know that two of the grocery stores which comes under the label of Kroger in Clarksburg were closed to make way for a new Kroger brand on Emily Drive. According to the inner sources Kroger claimed that Kroger Downtown cessation was due to deteriorating sales and cost-effectiveness over the past several years.


Now, the people who have been living and buying their monthly/daily grocery such as fresh foods and prescriptions was quite hassle less for them. After the closure many people have said that they are disproportionately affected and most are the elderly living in the Cobal Towers.

What are the outcome of the West Pike Street Kroger closure 1

Here’s what the one customer living the Copal Towers, said in this regard. “In this area of ​​the city, there are a lot of people who use this store and walk there, I used it a lot. Now, we have to outsource our food, and it is difficult for a lot of people to commute to try Getting there. Some people use the bus system to get there, but after that, you are only allowed few of the food on the bus”

What are the outcome of the West Pike Street Kroger closure 2

Another customer said that after they announced Kroger closed, my first thought was, oh my words, what would these residents do?” “It was easy for them to go to the grocery store,” said Sarah Knight, director of public housing. “A lot of them don’t have cars.” The question, then, is to what extent do West Virginia residents control their food environment?

This city has gone through many changes over the past few years, which ultimately resulted in a shortage of walkable food options. With West Pike Street Kroger closed, the nearest grocery store, Price Cutter, is a mile and a half walk away, with weak pier access. Baker says he used to ride his electric chair to Kroger, but he can’t take it to Price Cutter.

Thus, the Kroger lockdown created a food desert in that part of town. Britannica defines a food desert as “a poor area where the population lacks healthy foods.” The growing number of local grocery store closures across the state has caused problems with accessing food, not just in Clarksburg or Harrison County, but across the state.

The idea is that a locally owned grocer will have a greater stake in remaining open even if it is not making the most profit because it also exists as a community service to others while a grocery store like Kroger responds to its shareholders and the New York Stock Exchange. It is not actually accountable to West Virginia residents who have become dependent on it. ”

In terms of mitigating the problem in downtown Clarksburg, delivery services like Insta Cart are available in that area, but delivery charges and tips can be over $ 4 for the cost of groceries. The bus ride costs only 50 cents per trip, but according to Centra Bus, for people to use the bus to get groceries, they must limit what to buy with what they can put on their lap and feet. This is quite difficult, specially in covid-19 after the closure of Kroger stores. What are your thoughts on it? Let us know in the comment section below!

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