What are the Retirement Scheme at Kroger?


Are you an old employee at Kroger who is going to be retire soon? Want to inquire about the current employment contract by UFCW? Or if you have just joined the Kroger company and looking for the details regarding your retirement plans offered by Kroger?


If yes then, today we will guide you about the Kroger employee. Benefits which covers insurance to retirement plans as one of the old employee showed his concern regarding the plan on Kroger public forum.

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He stated that “ I am working at Kroger for 20 years. Granted in my retirement plan after 5 years. I will see 89.50 per month for each year of service when I retire. They pay it for a maximum of 30 years and whatever after that they remove the back end so you have the best 30 years. My account statement is at 1553.25 in my pension payments so far and when I retire. I need another 15 years, the pension is 89.5 in full, and it is 2,685 monthly for my pension until the day I die. SS statement came showing 1863 a month as of now when I was around 67. So even if I don’t see another SS dollar increase for them when I turn 66 years and 10 months old, I’m getting 4,548 months to live. None of that is possible without the union, pension and Kroger. So strike the unions, hate the evil Kroger and tell me how to inherit the old timers. I’ll live fine when I finally retire thanks to UFCW and their work. $ 89.50 a month for each year of service is what we’re seeing at this time.

Now, in this regard we suggest that you contact to Kroger management to check what is your current retirement plan? Or just visit yourKrogerbenefits.com to learn more about it.

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