What Canada’s Top CEOs Think About Work from Home


When the COVID-19 pandemic struck in March, millions of Canadians switched from working at the central office site to working from home. Presently, the COVID-19 is still here and making millions of workforces to work from home.


Now is around 2021, and millions of employees in Canada are still working from home full time with no end in sight. But what exactly are the CEO of the leading companies thinking? Or they happy with this or working on more plans to make it more productive?

While, as per sources many Canadians want to continue working remotely once the pandemic is over, which raises the question: Is telework here to stay? For millions of employees, the answer will depend on what their top management decides.

According to the recent study conducted to see what company’s chief executives (CEOs) in their quarterly earnings call with investors and analysts. Although the discussion of telecommuting was limited in the years prior to 2020, it has been central to general corporate earnings calls this year. Now, based on the analysis of hundreds of these requests and email which company owners get. 

In the report, it is highlighted that few companies considered that some jobs are more suitable for telecommuting than others. Call center employees, for example, are great candidates for working remotely because their jobs require little cooperation and their productivity can be easily measured. For this reason, it is not surprising that CEOs of essential services companies – those in banking, telecommunications, and insurance – that collectively employ hundreds of thousands of call center employees are the first to claim a successful transition to telework.

But few of company owner thinks that for jobs that require collaboration between employees and whose productivity is difficult to measure, the transition to remote work may be more difficult. They will consider and ask their worker to work from the office right after the lockdown will end. Now, what are your views on it? Do Canadian companies need to offer them a few days in the office only for employees’ safety? Or Not? Let us know in the comment section below!

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