What is happening at Kroger this Easter? Let’s Find out


Easter is here! Now, if you ask us! We love easter and what excite us is the smell of heavenly cooked food pork, scrambled eggs, fried chicken, Cornish game chicken, lamb, marinade, wraps, salads, and other spring foods.


Also, if you’re wondering what will be new and what is the update on easter timings on Kroger, then here the full update on it.  If you love shopping in the Kroger, where it is “new for everyone”, and you celebrate Easter, you are probably already dreaming of what to offer.

What is happening at Kroger this Easter

But if you don’t have a plan or have forgotten something, you’ll need to know if Kroger is open for Easter. Unfortunately, it all depends on when you read this article and where you live.

The Kroger website updated that “The Kroger Group is closing early on Easter Sunday … to provide its partners with more time to rest and be with their families. Holiday business hours will vary by location and market.” So be sure to check your favorite Kroger for opening hours for the day, as they vary from city to city. However, it is highly recommend trying to get all of your delicious ingredients beforehand, because Kroger has some killer deals on Easter favorites in their weekly advertisement before the big day.

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Furthermore, the Kroger’s weekly announcement the week before Easter has a lot of deals, you want to get it the day before today, especially since it closes early on the important day. Boneless pork tenderloin will come for $ 3.49 a pound with your Kroger Card, and the honey or brown sugar bone at Smithfield Shank Portion Ham is only $ 1.79 per pound with the card, a maximum of 2 hams.

But keep in mind that the Kroger opening hours may vary on Easter. Also, Kroger has you covered for Easter basket and decorating needs, too. Easter lilies in a 6-inch pot are $ 6.99 and up. You can take advantage of these deals now, and be sure of it, as Kroger may close early on Easter Sunday depending on your location. If you are wondering what are the deals they’re offering you can visit their official website and check it yourself. Don’t forget to let us know what are your plans on the easter? In the comment section below!

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