What is Kroger’s Calling in Sick Policy?


Are you a newly joined employee at Kroger? Or are you a part time employee who is not aware of Kroger sick day off policy? If yes then, here the complete policy guide for you all who have just joined Kroger as a part time or permanent job.


According to Kroger policy rules which have been upgraded since last year as per covid-19 came into existence. In this regard, one new employee showed his concerned and asked on public forum of Kroger “what is the policy of sick calling in Kroger? Not feeling well, since last night”. Now many of the employees replied that you can easily call at Kroger before one hour of your shift.

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But sadly, Kroger have one strict policy, they don’t allow any sick day off to their part time workers. Al though if, you are permanent at Kroger. Then the rules are different as Kroger is now offering 14 days of paid sick leave to employees who have symptoms of coronavirus. Or are self-isolating to protect themselves from the virus or if you are not well due to some other reasons.

While, a Kroger spokesperson said employees who are self-isolating because they are more likely to contract the virus will need evidence from a certified healthcare practitioner.  The change comes after this week’s reports highlighted shortcomings in its initial coronavirus emergency sick leave policy, which was put in place on March 14 2021. Also, you can have at least 3-5 days off from your annual paid day off and sick day off too. You can check further from your web portal for employees.

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