What is Kroger’s New Game Plan? Here’s the full details?


According to the recent news the team of Kroger leaders has offered a comprehensive new strategy aimed. Which is building on differential factors in fresh food and overall channels that have been strengthened or established during the three-year restocking program.


With the goal of, among other things, doubling online sales and associated profitability by 2023.; Expand geographic reach by creating pop-up stores in rural communities and increasing home delivery as Ocado facilities pop up online. And to further develop alternative sources of revenue such as advertising and the online marketplace.

What is Kroger’s New Game Plan

While, the strategy, dubbed “Leading with Fresh Produce and Accelerating with Digital,” will position Cincinnati’s groceries “to compete and win in a post-COVID world”. And capture the greater than $ 1.4 trillion share of the US food market that Kroger is at present holding around 10%, CEO Rodney McMullen said. The hypothetical three-hour presentation on March 31 was rife with revelations and data, and delivered in an upbeat and confident tone – yet apparently met with indifference by the market, with Kruger’s stock trading down nearly 4%.

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Here is the official statement “Kroger is in a position of strength today because of our transformation,” said McMullen, referring to important – but sometimes rocky – Restock initiatives that have slashed costs by $ 3 billion and dedicated to investments in a variety of new capabilities, training and price investments, and creating new sources of revenue. McMullen said these capabilities helped Kruger gather new momentum during the pandemic last year. “We have deepened our relationship with customers and partners. We have accelerated digital sales and profitability for several years and have known

The new strategy lays out fresh food, which Kroger officials say they already have a huge advantage in the market, as a major driver of sales growth – and the basis for everything else. As McMullen said, food is the Kroger’s “mainstay”. Better returns will come as Kroger improves the profitability of its digital shopping operations and the associated benefits, including alternative revenue and potential geographic dividends as delivery and pick-up options will reach places Kroger hasn’t yet reached – like the few rural communities in Ohio where Kroger quietly tests Digital “pop up” stores known as Hometown Pickup – and in places like Florida, the soon-to-open Ocado e-commerce facility will unleash sales growth in a state where Kroger does not currently operate stores. What is your take on this? Let us know in the comment section below!

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