What is Kroger’s policy on customer shoplifting?


Kroger, one of the largest and America most favorite retail store to do grocery shopping. Quite recently, we all are witnessing few unfortunate incidents where people are killing, shooting and shoplifting. Yes, you heard it right! Some people are still stealing and shoplifting at kroger! Here how we know about it!


According to the recent comments made on the public forum of Kroger few days back on Kroger regarding the shoplifting guideline. As, this thread got thousands of views and comments sharing the incidents even employees saw shoppers stealing items and pretending to buy the stuff!

Here’s what one commenter said about this topic: The other day, there was this young guy who asked me to get him some cigarettes. So, I walk over to the place where they keep all the tobacco stuff. Ours is in the middle of the floor, between the registers. So, the guy walks with me, as most do, so that I can ask them if this is the right one or if we don’t have it if they’d like another from what they can see (they don’t go inside with me). Now, while I have my back turned, the guy casually reaches for the nearest pack of cigs and pockets them. I know he did this because I glanced at that specific area and I remember that there were 3 boxes there. I also heard a noise, like somebody was moving the boxes. By the time I had turned my back, he’d already pocketed them, and he was like “nevermind, I don’t want ’em.” Then walks out the door with his girlfriend.

Now, I didn’t see him actually take the cigs, but I was 99% sure he did. There was a security guard right by the door. I told him, I think that guy just stole a pack of cigs, that I didn’t see him take it but the cigs that were there when I walked in weren’t there when I walked out. He tells me that he can’t do anything about it because he can’t go by my word of “maybe he did it” because Kroger wouldn’t like that. I’m like, then what are the cameras for? He’s like, sorry can’t do anything about it.  The guy was literally just a few feet outside the door as I was talking to the guard. All I could do was watch as he walked away. And many more people shared the shoplifting incidents. Now, Kroger is installing more cameras and working on the security but what can be done when shoppers steal? What are your suggestions on it? Let us know in the comment section below!

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