What is the Ethics Point Rules at Kroger?


Wondering what are the ethics rules? Is their any way you could see if the issue you raised at Kroger’s management is sorted properly or not? As one of the employees at Public Kroger forum asked about it. He stated that “ I filed a complaint and the next day it was closed saying appropriate action was taken. How can it take only a day? They did nothing so don’t waste your time with them.”


Now, we are so sorry you have experience it. But the Kroger team has been always looking forward to help you better and find the possible solution to your complains. To check your complaint status you can log into your portal at great people or Feed.kroger.com or you can just connect with the management to check the status. Even you can access the file where they have mentioned about progress to solution. While, if any of the Kroger employee is facing any issue regarding your workspace etc. you can get connected.

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The Kroger Co. is dedicated to a office free from illegitimate discrimination, which includes sexual harassment and other forms of harassment.  Because of one’s race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, disability, sexual orientation, or gender identity. You can get in touch with the Kroger as anonymous as well.

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