What Kroger Employee’s have decided to work with QFC?


According to the recent news, the statements showed that more than”90%” In a quarrel with Seattle City Council over COVID-19 risk allowance. The Kroger says most employees “have chosen to continue working with the QFC” but have no answers about what’s next to the Capitol Hill story


The numbers behind the decision may not be entirely correct, but the 15th Ave E QFC is still due for its final business day on Saturday as Ohio-based parent company Kroger continues to point the finger at specific Seattle leadership of its decision to cut the store. COVID-19 risk allowance of $ 4 an hour. The 15 Ave E grocery store has been in business for 44 years.

What Kroger Employee’s have decided to work with QFC

While in this regard, a company spokesperson said that “Although we never intend to close stores, it is unfortunate that the decision was taken on our behalf.” “A Seattle City Council decree made it impossible to keep these two underperforming stores open.” The dispute is also a hotspot between the company and United Food and Commercial Workers 21. The local branch of the powerful union that represents grocery workers. UFCW 21 has protested the closings decisions and held mock “fundraising” events in front of stores slated to close “to help raise funds for the nation’s largest supermarket chain to pay a temporary risk allowance for its workers and invite the Kroger Company to keep them. The stores are open.” Kroger says that “90%” of the employees participating in the shutdown have taken up new positions at other QFC locations. The speaker refused to provide “specific store information” to the basic humanitarian standard “because it is our policy not to share store sales data.

In Wedgwood, neighbors held a farewell event for employees Thursday afternoon with “a round of applause, warm words of thanks, and one-on-one checks for $ 205.88. Thanks to neighborhood fundraising efforts. While more than 100 employees have been affected by the closure of these two stores. The QFC has met with each partner over the past several weeks and provided opportunities for transfers, and over 90% have chosen to continue working with the QFC.” We continue to work with colleagues on employment options at the moment. The last as they like. Anyone who wanted to remain in the QFC continues to work and receives salaries and fringe benefits. ”

Given the hiring and risk totals, Kroger’s decision to close next comes down to the locations and real estate. The 15 Ave E store spent another two years on lease, according to landlord Hunters Capital. What are your thoughts on this? Let us know your thoughts on this in the comment section below!

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