What Kroger has decided in response of opposition rally?


The news which everyone was waiting for, what Kroger has decided and said in this regard of the opposition rally. In addition, Kroger supermarket giant is confirmed and keeping up with their decision of to close two grocery stores in Long Beach.


While, in response to a temporary pay increase in the city for grocery workers, even as city officials and employees called on the company to reverse course. Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia, Deputy Mayor Rex Richardson, local business leaders and Kruger employees spoke out against the lockdown during a Wednesday rally at Food 4 Less in North Long Beach – one of the locations Kruger plans to close in April.

In the official statement by the Mayor of Long Beach, Dr. Robert Garcia, speaks at a rally outside Food 4 Less, after Kroger announced that he will close the store and nearby Ralphs in Long Beach on Wednesday, February 3, 2021. The Union and City are calling for the closure in retaliation for the city by paying a risk allowance of $ 4. The official statement is as following “What we’re seeing is shameful,” Garcia said. “We still stand with the grocery workers.”

Furthermore, along with 4-less food, 2,185 E. South, Kruger announced earlier this week that it will also be closing Ralphs at 3380 N. Los Coyotes Diagonal, from April 17. The establishment head of Kroger said it decided to close the page, the city council voted on last month, seven months of the Corona program. However, Kroger said in a statement on Wednesday that the blame for the lost jobs is on Long Beach City Council. The death lock cooperation company said, “The information assigned to workforces and employees, successors and subjects.” Those who attended on Wednesday said they saw the situation differently. They should pay the workers,” said Donnell Adams, a local resident and customer to get 4 less food. “They work very hard.”  Matt Bell, treasurer of UFATF’s local branch, said he believed the city council made the right call, and Kroger should do the same. He said, “Today I’m angry.” A few weeks ago, Long Beach City Council did the right thing about the closing down stores. Bill Bell: “This is company greed,” “bullying and revenge.”

Kroger’s decision to shut down Long Beach stores may be the first of many similar measures elsewhere. The same goes for a recent lawsuit filed by the California Grocery Association, which represents grocery stores, against Long Beach. Last week, for example, Montebello City Council voted in favor of asking drug and supermarket stores to give employees an additional $ 4 per hour over the next 180 days – a move that led the grocery association to sue that city as well.

Meanwhile, Pomona is expected to review a similar bill by March 1. And on Tuesday, the day after Kroger announced it would close the Long Beach markets, the Los Angeles City Council voted to go ahead with a temporary $ 5 commissioning process. Hourly wage bump for grocery workers. Board members in both Long Beach and Los Angeles have expressed doubts that a short-term pay increase was the real reason for the stores to close.

The official statement in this context is as following: “If the stores are closed, I don’t think it’s because there are proposals that might last up to 120 days,” Los Angeles City Council member Corinne Price Jr. said on Tuesday. However, Kroger emphasized that the additional costs forced the company to reconsider whether it was wise to keep stores open that were already struggling financially.

When asked earlier this week whether the company will shut down more sites if other cities also impose a risk allowance for grocers, Ralphs’ director of affairs, John Votava, said in an email, “These misleading authorizations could expose any ailing store. Close risk. ” What is your take on this? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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