What Kroger’s Employee think about New updates to the Uscan SCO Software?


Few months back the Kroger division here was set to tweak one store last week. With a new version of the software used by employees who oversee self-checkout stations. Dealing with transactions in the aisles of the store is easy, easy-going, groovy, and their grocery purchases.


The new program is used to simultaneously use the renewable programs from the four stations using a split screen interface. This software application makes it easier and faster for a cashier to operate and supervise checkout stations.

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Now, what are the Kroger employee think about this software? How is it working? Let’s find out as one of the employees posted his review/feedback on this software. He stated that after the recent update the software keeps on logging out and I have to manually check out the shoppers. Even the password is changed frequently but the logging out issue needs to be sorted asap. Due to this reason people’s que gets longer and we have to do manually. In fact today all four lines were stuck and shoppers were waiting to get it fixed. Now, that is quite disappointing as Kroger claimed this will save time and it will be easier to skip the line. Have you experienced similar? Let us know your experience about it!

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