What made Walmart Vacating Major Robot Contract? 


Now, here’s an interesting piece of news! Recently the leading name and brand known as Walmart, has invested heavily in robotics, yup you heard it right, but at the moment for just cleaning up stocks. But the company’s efforts were not without challenges.


We have heard that Walmart this week, ended its engagement with Bossa Nova Robotics, a stock exchange developer of spray-on. The decision came after testing the cooling of the five-destroyer technology (about 500 robots were in operation).

Now, you must be wondering why is it happening? What made them do it? Well, the main reason seems to be a return on investment (ROI). For the most part, humans can do the job more effectively than robots. The official statement showed that “Altitude can perform various tasks,” said Megan Hopper, an assistant professor of mechanical and industrial engineering and director of robotic systems at UMass Amherst said.  Further, they added that It has proven useful for commercial purposes, however, the focus has generally been on factory floors for automakers. There has also been a lot of e-commerce warehouse over the past decade.

Besides, guarantee that it has proven useful in other applications and industries. “In many ways, robots are the hardest thing the human race has ever done,” said Daniohal Theobald, Founder, and CEO of Vecna ​​Robotics.   The robotics industry must also begin to rethink some of its strategies. The UK’s success is bringing them advanced technologies. “For me, Walmart News confirms that the main part of the hard part at the moment is not the technology,” said Christian Fritz, CEO of Lumin Robotics. It is about the right field, which is the right thing. Even iRobot initially building a robot vacuum, it spent several years at first initially looking for skills of their own.”  While they added that it can be done by the assigned employees so, the point at the moment feels useless in this department. But they are open to more investment and more betterment in their company. Now, this is interesting to hear, lets see what will be coming in the future and how it will affect the workforce. Comment below your thoughts on it! 

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