What store has better products? Kroger or Publix?


In my opinion – the production line in Kroger store is far more superior to Publix, as it serves products that are gone through health and safety concerns, the Kroger store prices are in the range and are not that expensive. The various departments of Kroger store such as the dry food section has many variety and has expanded sections to it.


The beauty products department of Kroger store has many products of various brands whereas if I compare it with Publix store, the Publix doesn’t have much to offer.

There are some good points of Publix store such as the meat and seafood both of the sections are good as one can prefer to buy from there.

In my judgment delicatessen section is healthier, it has more varieties and it is more visible section of the store but despite it all I have experienced working in Publix deli for roundabout for four years therefore they can do me some favors.

I just admire the bakery section of Publix, just have to mention that their customer services are just satisfying to me. I should seek someone for a hand in regard of Kroger services.

I just hope this much information is beneficial to everyone to know which place is better for shopping.

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