What stores does Kroger own in California?


Southern California have two of the greatest retail stores which are “Kroger” and “Ralph grocery store” and other food chains like “food 4 less lines” in the “supermarket area”, located in the central and also “northern California” owning great deal of Foods of Co. line. 


The “City market” covers a vast range of market line all over California.

Long ago Kroger store used to have Quik Stop line at the convenience store shops though now they have sold it out.

The Kroger store can be searched on Map and there it can give you the location.

Kroger store lines cannot tolerate the grass limitations, the Ralph store can be originated by far of the location towards North of San Luis Obispo and the foods Co. is located towards the South of Lompoc. The food 4 less chain is located towards the north of Paso Robles.

Websites are available on net of the food chains of Ralps, Food Co., Food 4 less also the other associated Kroger’s stores which are linked.