What the policies on Kroger with Customer Relationship?


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In this regard, one of the employees posted his questions regarding the tardiness in the workspace. The employee stated, “These customers have such nasty attitudes and agendas before they even walk in a Kroger store.” What can be done in this stated? When they abuse and say ugly words?

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We are so sorry to hear about it, as far as Kroger policy is involved with customer care and how one employee should treat their shoppers. Here’s what Kroger company have rules regarding any misbehaved shoppers. While Kroger has a reputation for integrity. To maintain and enhance its reputation, it is important for each of us to adhere to the highest ethical, moral and legal standards. Only by conducting business in this way can a company advance and maintain Respect for partners, shareholders, customers, suppliers and government. This policy is on Business ethics must be understood and implemented in daily business practice all the time. Our company. All associates are expected to adhere to these policies.

While, the training, Kroger also have a rule where they make sure every attendee will make no argue and no misbehaved with the customers and attend them nicely while showing them the guidance. Now, if you encounter any customer is who not following the rules or misbehave you can always complain to your store manager. They will look into the matter if it’s important. If you have any further question let us know in the comment section below!

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