What the rules & Benefits for the Pharmacy Technician?


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In this regard, one of the employees posted his questions regarding the tardiness in the workspace. The employee stated “ I am being approved for a medical marijuana card in Arkansas, and I am a pharmacy technician. does Kroger have a policy on this? can I be fired if they find out?

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According to the Kroger policy for the Pharmacy Technician, qualification parameters include employment status, job title and amount of service in the company. Benefits available working with Kroger includes paid time off, flexible scheduling, health, vision, dental coverage, and even a 401(k) retirement plan. Many Kroger sites also offer employee discounts on prescriptions and other groceries. Unlike many other Kroger employees, pharmacy technicians work in only one department of the store. As the name suggests, pharmacy techniques help pharmacists as well as clients. Kroger pharmacy technicians take prescriptions from customers, provide prescriptions to pharmacists, and order purchases. In most cases, technicians do not collect prescriptions directly

Now, in your case, you may need to get the proper approval letter from Kroger HR managements. Who will issue you that you can use certain drugs etc. once you have the approval you can use/take it. Also, if it comes under the policy proscribed then you might not be able to take/use it within Kroger stores.

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